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NDT level II Training

Our NDT Level III service is designed for companies who require the services of an NDT Level III only occasionally. The program is tailored to the specific needs of your organization to ensure that your program operates within the established guidelines and with the highest possible efficiency.

Your monthly retainer fee includes one week of on-site services. Typically these services are used near the end of the contract for training or certification exams however, it can be used near the beginning of the contract to audit your NDT system to bring your operation into compliance with the applicable specifications, for training and/or for certification exams.

You pay a monthly retainer fee based upon the estimated number of hours required per month to maintain your program. The monthly hours can be used for consultation with your NDT personnel, procedure writing, technique sheets, consultations with your clients about your NDT program, recording keeping, etc. Your personnel can access the Level III via phone, email, or internet chat. Additional on-site time if needed can be arranged at a reduced "preferred" customer rate or built into the retainer fee.

Overall, your cost for our NDT Level III service will be considerably lower than employing a full time NDT Level III. Our NDT Level III CARE ™ service typically costs much less than one month of a full time Level IIIs salary.

As a member of our NDT Level III program, you have almost instant access to an NDT Level III through the internet or via telephone. Our goal is to provide a response to your requests within 24 hours. Our office has a full-time internet connection that is monitored an average of 16 hours per day, seven days per week. When we receive an inquiry or request, it is often immediately answered.

Third Party Consulting NDT Level III Audit company NDT programs and make/recommend changes or updates;
Review personnel certification program and make/recommend changes;
Review and make/recommend revisions to all procedures;
Recommend and/or write and implement NDT procedures;
Review personnel files, update and provide training if necessary;
Develop NDT staff;
Review all training programs and make/recommend changes;
Review NDT exams and rewrite if necessary;
Inventory all NDT equipment and make recommendations;
Re-certify personnel requiring re-certification;
Interface with management to discuss/recommend improvements to the NDT program;
Audit and review all records to insure that they are being kept up;
Train personnel in any NDT method or technique needed;
Visit NDT personnel in the field to insure they are meeting client requirements;
Interface with your clients as needed to discuss and resolve any problems;
Resolve any internal NDT problems;
Set up new NDT programs.
Essentially we will be your NDT Level III without the cost of a full time Level III, thereby saving you money.